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Join Our Team

Our leadership’s extensive and long-term experience across the nation allows for an internal database of successfully proven team members. Additionally, our innovative approach to management, attractive compensation plans, and competitive benefits packages enable us to hire and retain top performers. Upland’s recruiting policy ensures we source the best talent through a thorough screening process:


• 3 Step interview process 
• Pre-screening assessments testing to evaluation personality and intellect levels
• Background, drug screening, and past professional references evaluation
• Managerial approval for each placement
• Professional onboarding training completed with all new team members which equips onsite teams with the essential knowledge to acclimate and start being successful from day one.


• Online learning platform to ensure continued knowledge development and regulatory compliance of all team members
• Weekly team meeting between onsite management and Upland management to ensure all property goals are achieved
• Quarterly team building events which promote our successful company culture

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